New show at Nasty FM starting Feb 6th/Last show @ Dubterrain

Yes, From february 6th Nasty FM will be the new outlet for our radio activites. For nearly the last 3 years we have been doing radio at Dubterrain, a U.S. based station focussing on Dubstep. And we did with pleasure. There's at least a full 2 years of recordings on my HD,involving crazy B2B sessions with me and SJS (mainly the last couple months), catching jokes with Sun O.C.& Sandman, promoting P.I. material and obviously adding Grime into the mix aswell which lead to interesting reactions and discussions on a number of occasions. Big Up Distinct and the whole crew.
Next Friday (21th) will be the last show on Dubterrain in which I will play a selection of the most memorable tunes that came out during our time on there.(Watch the twitter for the excact time).

But yeah, new year new stuff. Hold tight Mak10 & Exo for setting up the station and hold tight Lemon(GF) for the heads up!
For the new show on Nasty FM you can expect the same mix of Grime & Dubstep but there will be more room for Garage/Funky-ish influences. Also in the future you can expect full crew vocal sets every know & then.

Catch Creative & SJS on Sunday’s 4 – 6 PM GMT (17:00 - 19:00 Dutch time)
starting february 6th.

To send music and for all other enquiries simply mail to:

by Creative