Sandman - Run It E.P. Releasedate: 12.12.2011

After a good while of preperation the debut release of both Sandman as a producer and Progressive Intelligence as a label is finally a fact!

PI001 Will be the Run It E.P. a three track instrumental release aimed at the dancefloors.

The Run It E.P. will contain the following tracks:

1. Run It
2. Run It (Moony's Garage Remix)
3. Running Things Remix

(PI001) Sandman - Run It (Including Moony's Remix + Running Things Remix) by Progressive Intelligence

Releasedate 12.12.2011

iTunes - Juno Download - Beatport - 7Digital

If you like what you're hearing and want to know who's responsible check out the mini interview with Sandman below.

Big up everyone supporting so far!!

Keep doing so when its released!! :)