Sandman - Deaf Manners (2 Free Grime Instrumentals)

As a build up to the next release we decided to give away 2 instrumentals by Sandman. No use to just let them gather dust on a Harddrive right? First track is entitled Sandman's Area It's skippy, its Grime! Not much more to be said really... Second track is Sandman's take on D.O.K - Chemical Planet Initially the remix was made when the stems were released but due to some hardware problems a decent mixdown couldn’t be done. As it is a waste to just let stuff like this die on a hard drive Sandman revived it, gave the mixdown a makeover and we decided to still give it out. Shout out to D.O.K and the Butterz Gang on that one. Enjoy! P.s don't forget Sandman - Run It is out now! Go get that if you haven't already. Moony - Close Enough E.P. 07.05.12 Big Up!