Home 4 Talent

Recently we recorded a video for Home 4 Talent a new website made for industry people and fans off course. Check out our video below.

Havenflows verkrijgbaar vanaf 5 december 2009

Progressive Intelligence is één van de acts die een bijdrage heeft mogen leveren voor Havenflows! Deze gratis verzamel CD zal vanaf 5 december verkrijgbaar zijn bij Gorilli, Oqium, het HipHopHuis en Venour.

Op deze CD vind je onze nieuwe exclusieve track genaamd Hold You Down (productie van Sandman). Omdat 2009 het jaar is waarin Rotterdam de Europese Jongeren Hoofdstad is hadden we het idee om juist deze doelgroep wat empowerment mee te geven met deze tune.

Behalve Progressive Intelligence vind je ook bijdragen van Kulinair, Noiz Boiz, Midwest Piraten, RMB en nog vele anderen. Zorg ervoor dat jij jouw kopie van Havenflows weet te bemachtigen!

Bron: HipHopNet.nl

Progressive Radio - 13-11-2009

It's been a minute since we've done our last episode of Progressive Radio. But we're back! Reloaded and ready for action! Last Friday we made our return to Dubterrain.net and it felt good. The new setup certainly helps to take the levels even further.

Well enough talk, get to downloading!



1. OG’z – Passin Thru (Avalanche)
2. Noah D- Got U Now (Subway)
3. Progressive Intelligence – Runnin’ Things (P.I.)
4. SJS – Run Riddim (P.I/Dub)
5. L-OW – What Would We Do (Umblu Estonia)
6. Zed Bias – Neighborhood Chimpo Remix (Sidestepper)
7. D.E Velopment & Badness – Laava (Pa/Lava Eruption)
8. Matt U – Heads Up (S.C.U.M Forthcoming)
9. P Money – 1Up (Avalanche)
10. Quest – The Unknown (Deep Medi)
11. Sandman – Run It (P.I/Dub)
12. Ward 21 – Bang Bang Danny Scrilla Remix (Dub)
13. Blackleg – Broken Arrow (5Hz Forthcoming??)
14. Silkie – Turvy (Deep Medi)
15. Skepta – King Of Grime (BBK)
16. Trolley Snatcha – The Future (Dub Police)
17. Silencer – Dirtbag (Underground Unit)
18. Terror Danjah – Zumpi Hunter V.I.P (Planet Mu)
19. SCP – Bradford Ting (Dub)
20. Wiley – Club 5 (Earth 616)
21. Vista – Clientele (Sequence)
22. Geeneus & Katy B – As I Skepta Remix (Rinse)
23. Sandman – Twisted Minds (P.I/Dub)
24. Gemmy – Word Perfect (M4)
25. Cell 22 ft Frisco & Chojin – Step on Road (Slang with Grammar)

P.S: Out to all those producers out there looking for airplay and such. Get to us by e-mailing us your tracks. The address is: progressiveintelligence@gmail.com

The Think About It EP

It's officially Monday November 2 in our timezone already so you know it's that time! The time has come for The Think About It EP to be released. We've been working on this for the past year together with some other tracks off course, but we've chosen these tunes to present ourselves to the world.
So without further delay we present to you The Think About It EP! Give it a listen, download it via Rapidshare or get your copy at one of the events we will be attending. See you around, and we would love to hear from you!


The Think About It EP (preview) by Progressive Intelligence