Moony - Close Enough E.P. (PI002) Releasedate: 07.05.2012

Yes, the 2nd release on Progressive Intelligence Records is a fact!
After our debut release with Sandman, PI002 will come from the man that delivered a massive remix for PI001......... Moony!

The Close Enough E.P.
is a four track instrumental release bringing you different corners of bass influenced music.
Atmospheric music to zone out to, Dubstep influences & skippy Grime riddims, it’s all there.

Don't take my word for it though, have a listen for yourself....


1. Close Enough
2. Close Enough (Sandman Remix)
3. Titan Riddim ft Sebbadee
4. Raw Elements

The Close Enough E.P. will be released on: 07.05.2012 and will be available on

Itunes - Juno - 7Digital - Boomkat.

In the meantime look out for some free stuff from the camp coming your way, more about that soon!



Creative B2B Sandman playing Grime & Dubstep

Yeah, just thought i'd share this footage with the world...
Lately Sandman has started DJ-ing aswell and his first public appearence behind some CDJ's was caught on camera.
Personally I think we should do these b2b sessions in public places more often, what you reckon?

Also remember you can buy Sandman's debut release Run It right here.

More info on PI002 coming your way... if you can't wait, check out the soundcloud :)


Creative - Nasty FM 04.03.12

New show up for download!

Features forthcoming stuff from Lil Nasty, Roll Deep, Nico Lindsay and PI002 :)
Had fun on this one, went with a fresh vs old vibe which are often the most interesting sets I would say as you can hear how different era's of music sound together.

But yeah, music... mainly Grime with a bit of Dubstep in the 1st hr or so and a bit of Garage for the last bit... enjoy!

Live on Nasty FM every Sunday 4 - 6 PM GMT!

Send music to: or
bookings/other enquiries:



1. Dimples ft Styler & Random Impulse – Church Bells (Church Bells E.P.)
2. K1 - Street Lights (Ghost House)
3. Champion & Ruby Lee Ryder – Sensitivity [Moony’s R&G Remix] (BC)
4. D.O.K – Broadband (Aftershock)
5. Gemma Fox – Might Be (???)
6. HK – Carnival VIP (Dub)
7. Sandman – Giant Steps Remix (P.I./Dub)
8. Hindzy D – Shrapnel (Dub Injektion)
9. OG’z - More Money More Obstacles Instrumental (GPP)
10. Roll Deep – What’s Palava (??? Forthcoming)
11. Sir Pixalot – Grime Hot (Dub)
12. Katy B – As I [Skepta Remix] (Rinse)
13. Decoy – Barbarian (White)
14. Formless – Lucid (Soulstep Forthcoming)
15. Moony – Close Enough (P.I. Forthcoming)
16. Moony – Raw Elements (P.I. Forthcoming)
17. D.O.K – Big Bang (Aftershock)
18. Markone – The Bomb (Southside Dubstars)
19. A.T. – Funfair (Dub)
20. Nico Lindsay ft Kwam & Obese – Is That What He Did (Dub)
21. Cato – Funky Steppa (Inna Riddim Forthcoming)
22. MRK1 – Musical War (Sonic Boom)
23. MRK1 – Magnetic Device (Earwax)
24. Big Narstie – Fully Gasses (Pain Therapy)
25. Teddy ft Newham Generals – Doomed (Teddy Music)
26. Little Nasty ft Lady Leshur & Marger – Green Goblin (Dub)
27. Dizzee Rascal – String Ho (White)
28. Sandman – Creative’s Riddim VIP (P.I./Dub)
29. Markone – Stargate 92 (Rephlex)
30. Moony – 1 Mona Lisa (Dub)
31. Mr Mitch – Yeah Yeah (Gobstopper)
32. Richie Dan – Call It Fate (PureSilk)
33. Plezier – Baby (Immersed Audio Forthcoming)
34. Synkro – Lost Love (On The Edge)
35. Narrows – Psycho Active Toadstyle (Soul Craft)
36. Zed Bias ft Ms Dynamite, Spee & Sweetie Irie – Bite Em Up (FD)
37. Gremino – Another Take Me Away (Dub)
38. Nadhs Budha – You Don’t Know (Dub)
39. J 69 – You Ready (Dub)
40. Alyssa Reid – Alone Again [Sunship Dub Mix] (541)
41. Mr Mitch – Closing Party (Dub)
42. Beyonce – End Of Time [Moony Remix] (Dub)
43. Groove Chronicles – 1999 (DPR)
44. Darkness – Dogmatic (Dub)
45. Woz – Seen (Black Butter)
46. Mella Dee – Dam Tuff (Dub)
47. Frisco ft Wizzy Wow – Shutdown [Preditah Remix] (BBK)