Creative - For The Record Minimix 2

Earlier this year I said I will do more mixes besides radio, after all besides doing vocal stuff with P.I. i'm still a DJ aswell. Something I plan to keep on doing for a long while. While FTR 1 was strictly Grime & Dubstep I went with a combination of Grime & Funky/Bass for this one.. with a touch of Garage. After all, summer is on the way.... hopefully!

In this new mix you'll find fresh and forthcoming stuff from the likes of Moony, Mr Mitch, Ludo Sanders, Sandman and Just Geo alongside recent releases from Swindle, Scratcha DVA & Slackk.

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1. Brey – Trinklets (Dub)
2. Ludo Sanders – P.A.T.T.Y (Dub)
3. Moony – Love a Drink (Dub)
4. Slackk – Theme From Dub (Numbers)
5. Bad Autopsy – Ginmixer [Scratcha DVA Remix] (Ramp)
6. Swindle ft Roses Gabor – Spend Is Dough (Swindle Prod)
7. Mr Mitch – Wildfire (Boogaloo City Forthcoming)
8. Moony – Jazz Tales (Dub)
9. Moony – Snapping (Dub)
10. Sandman – Run It (P.I./Dub)
11. Just Geo – Dagger Dagger (MVN Audio Forthcoming)
12. Gremino – Storm (Dub)
13. Evo – Stadium (Dub)

Also, last friday me and SJS did our first B2B DJ set right here in Rotterdam (see picture above). We've both played individually before but this definately asks for more! Big up the Blendits team for having us there. The set consisted of Both Dubstep & Grime but to see tunes like Spartan Remix, Bipolar & Gully Goon Estate get a good response right here in my hometown was very nice to see.

For DJ bookings (B2B or individually)simply mail to:

Also you can catch us weekly on Nasty.FM Sunday's 4 - 6 PM GMT (5 - 7 NL).



Creative - NastyFM 10-04-2011

Yet again another Sunday has passed and it will not go by without a new show from the P.I. camp. On this one the 1st part is mainly Dubstep & Grime, 2nd part is more on the light side with Garage & Funky/Bass stuff. Below you will find the tracklist and the download link.

As always send music to:

Click here to download.


1. N.A.T – P.I. Special (Dub)

2. Shy One – Unitled 9 (DVA Music)

3. Durrty Goodz – Oi Wot U Looking At (Inapeace)

4. Nico Lindsay – Typical Chat (Rags)

5. D.O.K – Akuma [Exo Remdy Remix] (FD)

6. Kashmir Kid – Tear Gas ins (Gut Instinct)

7. Swindle – Mood Swings (Butterz)

8. Demon – Magic City (ICU)

9. Grimace – Slew Dem (Innariddim)

10. Discarda ft Diesle & Big Shizz – 1Shot (FD)

11. Moony – Triton (Dub)

12. SRC – Silly Crush (Forthcoming)

13. Jack Sparrow – Red Sand (Tectonic)

14. Just Geo – Dead Bwoy (MVN Forthcoming)

15. Mr Slash – Get Down (Back In Business)

16. Silkie – Wonder (Deep Medi)

17. Macabre Unit – Shooting Stars (Unit Jamz)

18. Rossi B & Luca – E10 Riddim (Planet Mu)

19. Swindle ft Roses Gabor – Spend Is Dough (Swindle Prod).

20. Boddika – You Tell Me (Nonplus)

21. Ashanti – Down 4 U [DND Remix] (White)

22. Falty DL – Large Flash (50 Weapons)

23. Slackk – Theme From Slackk (Numbers)

24. R1 Ryders – Pop Shit Off (R1)

25. Groove Chronicles – Stonecold (DPR)

26. Breach – Fatherless (Pattern)

27. SCP – Northener (Dub)

28. Sandman – Sandman’s Area (P.I./Dub)

29. Moony – Don’t Watch (Dub)

30. M Dubs & J.P. – For Real (BabyShack)

31. Hi Grade – Brock Out (Bingo)

32. Search & Destroy – Candyfloss (Hotflush)

33. Gremino – Accordion Tune (06)

34. Distal & HXDB – Typewriter Tune (Surefire Sound)

35. Jamie Grind – Footwork (Fortified)

36. Sandman – Gully Riddim (P.I./Dub)

37. Neckle Camp ft Roll Deep & Slew Dem – Strangle Man (Jahmek The World)

Clash Of The Crews - 15-04-2011

and SJS will be playing back to back at a rave called Clash Of The Crews in P.I's hometown Rotterdam on April 15. Make sure you're there because the line up promisses a whole lot of madness.

The night will feature some exclusive sets from a few of the most prominent in Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Grime in Holland. All this will be featured on possibly one of the last nights Club Catwalk will see for a while.

So make sure you're there and come and support Progressive Intelligence.

Line up:
  • Blendid Bandits
  • Subway
  • Classified
  • Noiz Boiz
  • Progressive Intelligence
  • Dubberz
  • MC DaRT
23:00 - 06:00

€ 10,-

RSVP on Facebook for a chance to win guestlist + 1 tickets!