Creative - Dubterrain 21.01.11

Last friday was the last show at The end of an era really.
It was fun, dusted of bare Dubstep records I played in the last 3 years and obviously Grime was involved aswell. Some technicals here and there with traktor and decks but other then that I think it went well,I know I had fun bringing out some (forgotten) classics.

Download the show here

Starting February 6th you can find us on Nasty FM
Sunday's 4 - 6 PM GMT.

Music/bookings/other enqueries to




1. Skream - Hitch (Tempa)
2. Silkie – Primal (Sonic Boom)
3. Kromestar – Budwiser (Dubting)
4. Frisco – Ignorant (BBK)
5. Itchy Robot – Raw (10 Bag)
6. L - Ow - Moment of Truth (On The Edge)
7. Smasher - Back in the Day (Beyond the Booth)
8. Jakes - Warp 9 (Hench)
9. Dj Shy - Big Up and Bun Her (Bisto)
10. Silkie –Hooby (Deep Medi)
11. Marcus Visionary & Satori – Ya’ll Ready (Positive Thought)
12. Terror Danjah – Zumpi Hunter [D.O.K Remix] (Hardrive Ent)
13. Silkie – Test (Deep Medi)
14. Jah Dan Blakkamoore – The General (Liondub)
15. Newham Generals - Merked Again (Dirtee Stank)
16. Skream – 2D (Tempa)
17. Dreama – Mental (FD)
18. Misty Dubs – From Day (Always Recordngs/True Tiger)
19. Zomby – Spliff Dub [Rustie Remix] (Hyper Dub)
20. Emalkay – Explicit (Dub Police)
21. Terror Danjah – Bipolar (Butterz)
22. Teddy Music – WW4 (Underground Unit)
23. Heny G – Retro Love (Gangsta Boogie)
24. Garna - Who's that Girl (Pirate Sessions)
25. Joker - Holly Brook Park (Kapsize)
26. B Live ft Newham Generals & Skepta - Modern Warfare (B Live)
27. Rude Kid - Alien Skank (NHNH)
28. Rudeez – Champion (White)
29. Distance – V (Chestplate)
30. Unknown – New Dimension Dub (War)
31. Martyn – Suburbia (Apple Pips)
32. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo (Hot Flush)
33. Quest - The Seafront (Deep Medi)
34. Terror Danjah ft Bruza, Triple Thread, Teddy Bruckshot & Badness – Work (Hardrive Ent)
35. LD - Swing - That Skirt (Ringo)
36. Juju – Punks (Narco HZ)
37. Waifer - Gun Man Skank (Earth 616)
38. P 40 - Punims Dub (Dub)
39. Rossi B & Luca - E10 (Planet Mu)
40. Monkey – Jacket (Rudeez)
41. Silkie - Sky is the Limit (Deep Medi)
42. SRC - Goomba VIP (Butterz)
43. Noah D – Seerious (Subway)
44. Swindle – Coffee (Planet Mu)
45. Joker – Tron (Kapsize)
46. Newham Generals – Hard (Digital Soundboy)
47. Trolley Snatcha - The Future (Dub Police)
48. RBX – Rhythm & Gash (White)
49. Hijak - Tears (White)
50. Cotti ft Jammer & MrParty – Dem Fi Know (Argon)
51. Davinche – What Is Mine (Earth 616)
52. Tes La Rok ft Uncle Sam – Round the world Girls (Argon)

New show at Nasty FM starting Feb 6th/Last show @ Dubterrain

Yes, From february 6th Nasty FM will be the new outlet for our radio activites. For nearly the last 3 years we have been doing radio at Dubterrain, a U.S. based station focussing on Dubstep. And we did with pleasure. There's at least a full 2 years of recordings on my HD,involving crazy B2B sessions with me and SJS (mainly the last couple months), catching jokes with Sun O.C.& Sandman, promoting P.I. material and obviously adding Grime into the mix aswell which lead to interesting reactions and discussions on a number of occasions. Big Up Distinct and the whole crew.
Next Friday (21th) will be the last show on Dubterrain in which I will play a selection of the most memorable tunes that came out during our time on there.(Watch the twitter for the excact time).

But yeah, new year new stuff. Hold tight Mak10 & Exo for setting up the station and hold tight Lemon(GF) for the heads up!
For the new show on Nasty FM you can expect the same mix of Grime & Dubstep but there will be more room for Garage/Funky-ish influences. Also in the future you can expect full crew vocal sets every know & then.

Catch Creative & SJS on Sunday’s 4 – 6 PM GMT (17:00 - 19:00 Dutch time)
starting february 6th.

To send music and for all other enquiries simply mail to:

by Creative

Progressive Radio 07.01.11

Here's the latest Radio show, which was the first one this year.
Due to circumstances we were away for a month but prepared to catch us
streaming a lot this year as well as some changes to be announced soon.

For now check out the latest show here


1. Conquest – Mahogany (Break The Habit)
2. SJS – Teknohead (P.I./Dub)
3. Jack Dixon – I Let You [The Phantom Remix] (Silverback Recordings)
4. Horsepower Productions ft Katy B – Open Up Your Eyes (Tempa)
5. J Kenzo – Stomp (Argon)
6. Jam City – Scene Girl (Night Slugs)
7. Synkro – Lost Love (On The Edge)
8. Royal T – Music Please (Butterz)
9. Silkie – 80’s Baby (Deep Medi)
10. Geo – 8 Bit Bullit (MVN Audio)
11. 501 – Rise & Fall (Off Road)
12. Sukh Knight ft P Money, Newham Generals & Blacks – Slang Like This (True Tiger)
13. Teddy – Dirtbag VIP (Underground Unit)
14. Seven – Wait (Black Box)
15. Wizzbit – Aquarius (Zodiac)
16. Mr Mitch – Silk Sheets (Subdepth)
17. SJS – Love Some Lose Some (P.I./Dub)
18. Nellon – Night Sessions (Dub)
19. Spooky – Spartan [Terror Danjah Remix] (Hardrive)
20. D.O.K – Chemical Planet [Darktone Sound Remix] (Butterz)

For anyone who missed it, check out Creative's Structured Chaos mix here