Creative presents Half Breed 2

As you know Creative is not only an MC in Progressive Intelligence, but also a DJ. In 2009 he dropped Half Breed and now here's Half Breed 2. A longer, bigger and better set filled with instrumental productions done by Progressive Intelligence's in-house producers Sandman and SJS. Featuring tracks by the likes of Terror Danjah, Griminal, Matt-U, Silkie, Quest and more.

Click here to download Half Breed 2 mixed and selected by Creative.

Creative presents Half Breed 2 by Progressive Intelligence

[GIGS] 22-01-2010 Progressive Intelligence @ Dream Café, Rotterdam

Sandman: "Oi bruv?! What are we going to do on January 22nd?"
Sun O.C.: "We're going to mash up the ting, bruva!"

And we're going to mash up the Dream Café f.k.a. American Dream Café in Rotterdam! We're actually performing as a part of Dream Cafe's "So You Think You Can Be An Artist" and off course we need your support!

We're going to be on between 22:00 and 23:00 so make sure you're on time! Don't be shy to bring your friends as well. Because we're going to turn the whole place upside down.

And guess what song we're performing:

See you there!

Progressive Radio - 01-01-2010

Yes even in the new year we keep things moving! We hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve and that you are ready for 2010. Because we sure are!

The 1st episode of Progressive Radio in 2010 is now available for download below! So get to downloading, listening and sharing it with your mates.

We wish you all the best for 2010!

Progressive Radio January 1st 2010
#1 DivShare
#2 DubTerrain

  1. Sticky Feet – Old Records Tekka VIP (Dub)
  2. SRC – Goomba (SRCD)
  3. Frisco – Ignorant (BBK)
  4. The Others – Kingpin (Dub Police)
  5. Newham Generals – Violence (Dirtee Stank)
  6. Waifer – Grime Refix (Slew Dem)
  7. Sandman – Sandman’s Area (P.I/Dub)
  8. Biome – Scoundrel (Subdepth)
  9. Terror Danjah – Night Crawler 2 (Aftershock)
  10. Terror Danjah – Bipolar (Butterz Forthcoming)
  11. OG’s – Hot Ones Royal T Remix (Ogeezus)
  12. Martyn – Suburbia (Apple Pipps)
  13. SJS – Teknohead (P.I/Dub)
  14. Marcus Visionary – Street Sound (Thought)
  15. Sticky & Ms Dynamite – Bad Gyal (FD)
  16. TMSV – Sentinelese (Dub)
  17. Noah D – Serious (Subway)
  18. P Money – Left the Room (Avalanche)
  19. Distance – Twilight (Chestplate)
  20. Maniac – Ouch (New Age Grime)
  21. Waifer – Gunman Skank (Earth 616)
  22. SCP – Bradford Ting (Dub)
  23. Breakage & Newham Generals – Hard ( Digital Soundboy)
  24. P Money – 1up (Avalanche)
  25. Untold – I Can’t Stop Pangaea Remix (Hemlock)
  26. Wizzbit – Breakdown VIP (Dump Valve)
  27. Terror Danjah – Sidechain D.O.K Remix (Butterz Forthcoming)
  28. Toddla T ft Serocee – Soundtape Killin’ (1965 Records)
  29. NB Funky – Remix Box (It’s Funky)
  30. Dem 2 – Destiny (Locked On)
  31. Sticky & Ms Dynamite – Boo (Social Circles)
  32. Morph – 4th Round (Music Box)
  33. Progressive Intelligence – Checkstation (P.I)